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  1. How to Work

How to Work

B3F [Bikefit By Body Form]
: Speed Up, Pain Out

3-Way Stabilizion  

How to Work
: How B3F Works

The B3F Seatpost incorporates the Formega, a '3-Way Stabilization' technology, that allows the bike seat to move top-to-bottom and left-to-right together with the thigh and hip muscles, significantly reducing friction between the seat and the hip

Existing Bike Seatposts and Saddles

Problems with fixed saddles

Existing bike saddles are in fixed position. So riders pedalling on top of the fixed saddle feel discomfort due to the interruption of pelvic movement. Also riders feel pain and discomfort due to the impact from the ground deliverd to the pelvis diretly.
If rider's right foot pushes downward, pelvis tilts to the right as the center of gravity moves to the right and left pelvic bone leaves the saddle at the same time. It reduces power generated from pedalling because friction is created from the inside thigh muscles trying to push the right-side of saddle towards the back. Also riders experience pelvic pain from left pelvic bone because the fixed addle bumped against each other while pedalling from the left.

The problem of shock absorbing seatposts and saddles

Existing seatposts with dampers were designed to absorb impact from the ground by declining the whole saddle position but dampers also absorb and reduce power that needs to be deliverd to the pedal. And existing saddles with dampers can absorb impact from the road due to its inflection point of movement located in the front of saddles but the dampers also absorb and reduce power generated from pedalling.

When we walk, the width between our left and right feet is narrow, so when we step forward, our pelvis, knees and feet are aligned straight in the direction of gravity.
pedal and left pedal the pelvis, knees and feet are not aligned in the direction of gravity. So the angle of the knee bends inside bcause the knee gets stressd. This condition pedal can cause knee pain and reduced power.

B3F Seatpost

The birth of a perfect solution

The B3F Seatpost is equipped with a Formega. The patented technology using elastic rubber called 'Formega' which enables bike saddle to move in triaxis (X,Y,Z) from the center of the saddle. This patented technology solves all of the saddle passing power absorption problems when pedaling.

B3F 3-Way  
* Although the gap between pedalling is large, flexibility of Formega allows the saddle and pelvis move together. This allows pelvis, knees, and foot aligned to the direction of gravity and increases power without injuries.
* It allows extra safety to riders in cornering because it moves the center of gravity naturally either to the left or to the right.

1. When the crank arm rotating from 12 o'clock position to 3 o'clock position.
Rotating from Pedalling 12 to 03   When a person walks, the upper and lower body move forward simultaneously. So the pedalling is moving just like walking. When the foot position falls, the posiong of the hipbone moves from the rear of the saddle to the center of the saddle, causing the power of pedalling to pass to the bike.
2. When the crank arm rotating from 12 o'clock position to 3 o'clock position.
Rotating from Pedalling 03 to 06   The power of pedalling delivered to move the bike forward reaches the maximum output and this causes body to move backwards which positions the hipbone to the back of the saddle again. The saddle tilt to the right with the body and the left pelvic bone stays on the saddle as the right foot pushes downward. When thigh inner muscles pushes the side of the saddle, the saddle rotates to the right and this reduces friction between the leg and the saddle, which increases power from pedalling. B3f seatpost has it's inflection point in the middle of the Formega which is designed to prevent absorbing power from pedaling. The elasticity of Formga allows the back of the saddle to move downward with riders weight so it prepares to bounce off to create more power.
3. When the crank arm rotating from 12 o'clock position to 3 o'clock position.
Rotating from Pedalling 06 to 09   AS the rider's body weight and the center of body moves to the left. The elasticity of Formga simultaneously bounces to create more power by lifting right pelvic bone when the pedalling starts on the left. This increased pedalling of power reduces muscle fatigue because less body energy is needed for pedalling. Also, rider are relieved from saddle pain because left pelvic bone and the saddle stayed together. And "From 12 o'clock position to 3 o'clock position" will connect the same movement.
4. When the crank arm rotating from 12 o'clock position to 3 o'clock position.
Rotating from Pedalling 09 to 12   Due to the elasticity of Formga, the occupant's weight naturally moves to the left. And "From 3 o'clock position to 6 o'clock position" will connect the same movement. Pedal operation ends with the left pedal and resumes from 1 starts.

Benefit of B3F

Reduction of Friction   Bounding Pedaling  
Reduction of Friction
Bounding Pedaling
The bike seat mounted on b3f significantly mini mizes friction and increases speed and reduce pain when the hip and bike seats move together. The bound pedalling created by the combination of elasticity of FORMEGA and triaxial movement of saddle helps increase power and speed of the bike. It also reduces muscle fatigue.
Prevent Wear on Clothes   Reduction of Fatigue  
Prevent Wear on Clothes
Reduction of Fatigue
The reduced friction minimizes the wear and tear on bike clothes. Moreover, it is economical since it is compatible with the existing bike seat rail already being used. Formega absorbs the vibrations and shocks created from the irregular road surface, minimizing pain and fatigue.
Cornering   Nose Down  
Nose Down
Because the bike seat moves accordingly with the user's center of gravity, the slant angle can be minimized during cornering, allowing for increased safety and speed (as pedaling while cornering becomes possible). If riders have done urgent breaking, when the bike stops but the rider moves forward by action of inertia. So it keeps a rider from rollover accidents by pressing Formega of the saddle forward with bodyweight of the rider.